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Top 10 Best Online Casino Live Sites in UK

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Online Casino Live in the UK 2024

Remember back when casinos were only found at land-based venues? So do we, the times have changed so much and we now have access to an enormous range of online casinos. We personally love this – live online casinos provide tons have unlimited space for games, amazing bonus offers and features that simply couldn’t exist in a land-based venue. 
However, it must be said that this can get a little bit exhausting – there are a crazy amount of live online casinos out there to choose from, and deciding where you will spend your money is difficult. 
Don’t panic – we’re here to help. Choosing the best live casino and online casino UK is all about doing your research.  It takes a lot of time to do this though, but that’s why teams such as we at PickPlay exist. We’ve pulled together years of research to bring you a list of the best live online casino websites. Read on to find out how we do it! 

Best Live Dealer Casinos

Did you know, live dealer casinos are 100% legal in the UK as long as you are 18 years or older? This is fantastic – until recently, legal online casinos have always been a digital experience that takes away most of the social aspect of playing at a real life casino with dealers and croupiers. 
Not any more – these days, tons of live dealer casinos are available to play, in which you can interact with real dealers at real casinos through a webcam. It’s a unique experience and adds a truly exciting element to the traditional online casino experience. However, it does raise the question, how should you choose the best one
As we said, leave it with us. We’ve rounded up the four most important features of a live casino in order to explain to you the best strategy for choosing a website. Interested? Let’s get started!

How to choose the best online live casino 

As we mentioned, we produce recommendation lists of the best online live casino UK based on four key features – a variety of games, bonus offers, payment methods and customer service. All four of these are equally important when looking for a live casino that works for you. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into each point:  

Gaming Variety

Many people have heard of live casino games such as live poker, but did you realize that almost every traditional casino game has a live version these days? It’s brilliant – you can play just about anything with a real life dealer from the comfort of your home. Here at PickPlay, we’re all about variety, but some people only enjoy playing a specific game. That is why we think it is essential to choose the best online live casinos based on sites that provide a wide variety of games. 

Live Bonus Offers

Spending some cash on the chance to win a huge jackpot in a blackjack tournament is a great thrill, but it’s even better Regular bonuses are great, but live bonuses are even better – there’s nothing better than the feeling of the live dealer calling out a new deposit bonus. We also love welcome bonuses and all types of offers, so we always research thoroughly to ensure each live casino on our list provides plenty of bonus opportunities. It really can take a long time to go through all of this information, but when we’re doing it all for you, you don’t even have to worry. Simply claim the bonus and get ready to play with free money!

Payment Methods

Whilst live bonus offers are fantastic, you’re going to eventually have to make a deposit one way or another. However, what good is a live online casino if it doesn’t even accept your favourite eWallet or payment method? Always do your research to ensure that each live casino you choose accepts your payment method, in addition to a variety of others in case you want to change. More importantly, make sure the deposit and withdrawal speeds are rapid – we can’t be dealing with waiting around for payments to process!  

Customer service

Last but certainly not least, we think customer service is essential – especially when it comes to having live dealers in casinos. We’re not just talking about live chat, telephone and e-mail contact, but we like to be able to discuss problems and seek help from our live dealers. Luckily, we always ensure that the websites we choose feature this – it really does add to the experience!

Types of Live Casino Games

What’s your favourite online casino game? Perhaps it’s roulette, poker, or even bingo? Well, you’ll be happy to know that just about every online casino game has a live version these days. If you don’t believe us, just give it a google and see for yourself. It is very uncommon for an online casino game to be exclusive to standard casinos these days – the only game we can think of that doesn’t support this is slots, and that is just due to the nature of the game.

5 Best tips for playing live casino

Knowing how to choose an excellent online live casino is essential, but what good is that if you don’t know how to play effectively? We’ve curated five of the best tips for playing live online casino games, so take note and you’re onto a winner!