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Top 10 Best Online Casino UK Sites

  • Licensed and Regulated Casinos in UK
  • Wide range of games including video slot machines and live casino games
  • Online Casinos reviewed and recommended by our best experts
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Online Casinos UK – bonus offer comparison list

In order for an online casino to operate legally in the UK, it must have an operating license. Every online casino on our list is 100% legal, safe and secure, owning operating licenses for regulated online gambling. The best online casinos should always have a variety of casino games and payment methods. This way, you can find something that is personalized to your preferences! The UK online casino industry is competitive, so be sure to choose an online casino with the best bonuses and promotions. This will help optimize your bankroll and increase your chances of turning a profit!
Gambling in the UK is 100% legal for anybody over 18 years old, so the country is fortunate enough to have a huge selection of amazing online casinos to choose from. Due to these laws, the vast selection of casinos can often be overwhelming, making it very difficult to choose the best one. 
The best way to determine this is to do your research, investigating the selection of games, signup offers, payment methods and customer service that a casino offers. However, this research takes rather a lot of time, so we’ve decided to do the research so that you can spend more time playing online casino games. 
If you’re interested in finding out what makes an excellent online casinos (UK), read on to find out more!

How to Pick the Best Online Casino UK Site

As we mentioned earlier, there are four key things that are important to consider when choosing a popular online casino in the UK:

Every one of our listed top best online casinos has an operating license in Great Britain, so we’ve chosen our favourites based on the previously mentioned four factors. Let’s take a look at each point

Game selection 

With so many different types of online casino games available, we think that the best online casino (UK) are the ones that have a broad and varied game selection. Whilst everybody has their favourites, it’s always a smart idea to hedge your bets across a variety of games to optimize your experience. 
Whether you’re a fan of slots, table games, card games or bingo, it’s always a good idea to mix things up once in a while. For this reason, we recommend choosing a website with a wide selection of games. However, if you’re only in it for a single game, make sure you choose a website that has a great selection of games and bonus offers that fit within that category.

Welcome bonuses and Promotions

Finding a casino with a wide range of excellent casino games is the most important thing when choosing an online casino, but hitting that sweet jackpot comes close to the top. However, there’s one thing that is even better than hitting the jackpot, and that is when you turn a profit by using amazing bonuses promotions available at online casinos. 
There’s a wide range of these to choose from including free spins, deposit bonuses and VIP programs. However, our absolute favourite is the no deposit bonus – this literally means you get free money to play with, no strings attached!
Whenever you are choosing a new online casino to play at, always ensure that you pick one that has an amazing welcome offer and regularly provides bonuses to its loyal customers!

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Whilst many people enjoy online casino gambling simply for the fun of the games, most of us love to play with real money as it gives us the chance to win a serious jackpot! This is all made possible by depositing and withdrawing funds, and this can be achieved through various means. 
Some online casino sites use traditional banking systems such as Visa Debit and Direct Bank Transfer, whilst other more modern online casinos provide futuristic eWallet payment systems. Regardless of which you prefer, it is always important to choose an online casino that provides a payment and withdrawal method that suits you. 
We suggest choosing a method that supports both deposits and withdrawals so that you don’t have to set up two different accounts. The method should also be quick and simple to provide you with the optimum online casino experience!

Customer service

Last but certainly not least, customer service is an absolute must when picking the best online casino. Sometimes we need help completing a transaction, or perhaps we simply need help choosing the best online casino bonus for us. 
Customer service can offer all of this and more, and it’s rare to find a casino that doesn’t offer it. The best form of customer service is an online live chat – this allows you to ask the casino any questions you may have, receiving answers directly and quickly. 
Always assess an online casino for its customer service options – this will certainly be useful at some point!

Why is it important to choose a regulated online casino? 

There are a variety of reasons that choosing a licensed and regulated online casino is important. Firstly, unregulated casinos are illegal in the UK, so you would be breaking the law if you played at one of these! 
Don’t worry though as these are almost impossible to find – almost every online casino in the UK is regulated. The main reason unregulated casinos in the UK are illegal is due to the fact that this means they could scam users from their money, or entice them into continuing to gamble when they are ready to call it quits. 
The implications of regulations at an online casino is always a good thing, these legal systems exist for the sole purpose of keeping our casino experience safe, secure and fair. 

UK Online Casinos Regulations

There are various UK online casino regulations that help keep our gambling experience safe and fun – it isn’t just about the operating license and being over 18 years old. Firstly, online casino games must always clearly state the odds of winning, terms and conditions, and the rules of the game to remain transparent to the player. 
Online casino sites must not encourage players to continue gambling and ‘chase their losses’, and must provide sufficient support for users who have trouble controlling their online casino gambling. There are a few more regulations that have been introduced in 2021 – these include:

Different Types Of Games

Now that we’ve got the formal stuff out of the way, let’s take a quick look at some examples of amazing online casino games that you can play in the UK!


Roulette is a favourite of many, originating france and consisting of a spinning wheel. The croupier or dealer will drop a ballbearing onto the wheel, and the user can make a bet on which colour or number the ball will eventually land on. 
Whilst the proposition bets in Roulette can be pretty risky, they can also pay out some seriously high jackpots. However, if you’d rather play it safe and smart, simple colour bets have odds of just under 50% – that’s pretty good!


Slots are a great choice for anybody seeking variety and a video game feel to their gambling experience. Slot machine games come in all manner of different form including different themes, different setups and different jackpot levels.
If you’re a fan of slot machine games, always remember to choose one with a high average RTP (Return to Player). This way you can optimize your chances of ending a session with a profit! 


Blackjack is an absolutely classic card game, and it ultimately comes down to being dealt a hand with a higher value than the dealer. Don’t get carried away though, because if your deck value goes over 21, you lose! It’s a classic card game enjoyed all over the world, and it comes in many different varieties found on just about every online casino.

Other Products 

If you thought that was everything, you’re wrong – there are tons of other casino games out there that we recommend you try. Roulette is just one of many table games to be enjoyed, and Black Jack is just a single example of hundreds of card-based casino games. 
However, there are some completely different products out there – some of our favourites include dice-based games such as Craps, and social casino games such as Bingo! What are you waiting for? Go and try them out! 

Bottom Line on Picking the Best Casino Site Online

We hope that we have helped you understand how to go about picking the best casino site online in the UK! The most important thing is to stay safe and ensure that your choice is fully licensed and regulated in Great Britain. 
Don’t worry though – we’ve taken care of that with our list of the top best online casinos. Simply choose a casino and investigate it’s selection of games, bonus offers and payment methods. We’re sure that you will find something that will work for you!