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Top 10 Best Online Sports Betting Sites in UK

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Online Sports Betting In the UK

Every legally operating online bookmaker in the UK requires an operating license. Every website listed on our list is fully licensed which guarantees that it provides sports betting that is completely legal, regulated and secure to use. The best online sports betting UK sites have a variety of sports, betting markets and payment methods. This will ensure that there is something for everyone, whatever their preference may be. There is a huge variety of sports betting online sites in the UK, so it is very important that you do your research and choose a site with an excellent reputation and plenty of promotions. This way you can always ensure you are getting excellent value for money. 

Taking part in online sports betting is completely legal in the UK as long as the bookie is licensed and that you are over 18 years of age. Thanks to these regulations, there is a huge amount of sports betting online sites to choose from. Whilst this is great, it can also make it pretty difficult to choose the best website. 

One way to guarantee that you always find the best online sports betting sites is to do plenty of research. You should investigate the sport market varieties available on the site, in addition to the payment methods, promotions and customer support it provides. However, we understand that finding out all of this information can be pretty time-consuming, so we’ve prepared this guide so that you can spend less time researching and more time making bets. 

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, read on to find out more about the best sports betting online sites in the UK! 

How To Choose The Best Sports Betting Site For You

It should be pretty obvious that the most important thing about a sports betting site is choosing one that offers the features that you look for when making your bets. There is a huge amount of variety in 2021 and not every site offers every type of sports bet, so you will need to have a look around. There are tons of things to look for within a sports betting site to help narrow down your options, but let’s begin by taking a look at the essentials – having a variety of sports and betting markets! 

Variety of Sports

Firstly, it should be pretty self-explanatory that you are going to want to find an online sports betting site that offers a wide variety of sports. You will probably want to begin by ensuring that the site that you choose provides the common betting markets such as major football leagues, tennis and NFL, and then move on to less popular sports such as basketball, hockey and golf. 

Excellent sports betting sites should also go above and beyond by providing access to bets on very niche sports such as Darts or even Gaelic Football, or even eSports tournaments and online casino games. 

Overall, you should aim to cover all of this ground when choosing a sports betting UK site. At the very least you should ensure that your favourite sport is covered, but having a lot of variety gives you the best opportunities to access the highest odds and the best promotions. 

Variety of Markets

Once you have found a sports betting UK site that offers a variety of sports that suits you, you are now going to need to ensure that it covers your favourite betting methods or ‘markets’. For starters, we would highly recommend that you begin with ensuring that it covers In-Play or ‘Live’ betting. This is the most commonly found betting market and allows you to place your bets during a sports match. 
Next, checking if the site offers an accumulator feature will be pretty important – this will allow you to place a large batch of low-risk bets on sports such as UK football with the potential to reach huge jackpots! 

These are our two favourite betting markets, but your preferences may differ – you may also want to look out for the following methods: 

Overall, it’s generally a good idea to choose an online sports betting site that provides a variety of betting markets. You never know when you may want to try something new so it’s good to keep your options open!

Narrowing Down The Best Sports Betting Sites

Once you’ve found an sports betting online site that offers a suitable range of sports and markets for you, you are going to want to narrow these down to the best ones. Here are four more important things that you should look for in a UK-based online sports betting site are: 

It’s also very important to ensure that each sports betting site that you visit is licensed to operate in the UK, but thanks to our list you won’t have to be concerned about that. Each and every site on our list is fully licensed to operate in Great Britain, so we’ve focused on choosing our favourites based on the four key factors that we listed earlier. Let’s take a look at why each point is so important. 

Bonuses & Promotions

One of our favourite things about playing at online sports betting sites is the opportunity of winning on those big bets! However, there’s a way to optimize those bets and reduce the amount of cash that you have to deposit, and that is through making use of bonuses and promotions at online bookies. 
There are tons of different types of these bets including free bets, deposit bonuses and more, but occasionally you will even get a no deposit free bet sign-up offer. This really is as good as it sounds, allowing you to make a free bet and keep your winnings simply for signing up to a new website!
It’s always a good idea to choose an online sports betting UK site that regularly provides these offers to its users, especially one that has a welcome offer that includes one of these no deposit bet bonuses!

Competitive Odds

The odds of a bet determine the likelihood that you will come out on top, and the lower the odds are of winning, the higher the potential profit you will make! This means that if you are convinced that a bet will succeed, it’s important to ensure that the website offers excellent odds.

However, not every sports betting site has the same odds for a bet, so you will want to shop around and find the site that offers the best deal to you. A great place to start is our lists – there’s tons of options available that offer some very competitive odds!

Helpful Customer Service

Another essential thing to consider is the customer support – this will ensure that you have the help that you need if you ever encounter a problem on an online sports betting site. 

Generally speaking, sports betting online should offer customer support in the form of live chats, preferably 24/7. This means that you will be able to speak to a member of staff at any time of the day, ensuring that you can get the answers to any of your questions during those important betting moments. 

Always ensure that the sports betting site has customer support options in the form of live chat, e-mail and phone. This way, you will never be encounter any problems without having a member of staff to assist you. 

Deposit and Withdrawals

Finally, it’s going to be important that the sports betting site that you choose features a variety of payment methods for both deposit and withdrawals. These days there are tons of payment methods available, with most sites allowing you to deposit and/or withdraw cash through:

It would be pretty frustrating if you chose a sports betting UK site to find out that it doesn’t accept your favourite payment method, and even more so if it turns out that deposits and withdrawals take ages! Most sites these days facilitate almost instantaneous deposits and shorts withdrawal times, so be sure to check out the details of each site to ensure that it lives up to this standard.

Final Thoughts – How To Make The Most Out Of This List

We hope we have helped you understand why it is important to do your research and the most important things that you should look for in an online casino! We have ensured that all of the websites listed here are fully licensed in the UK and cover a large range of sports, betting markets, payment methods and more. 

However, everybody has different preferences when it comes to sports betting UK, so you should still do your research on each site to find one that is best for you. We would recommend that you open each link in a separate tab and systematically look through them, ticking off each feature that you look for on a sports betting site. 

You could even organize this in a spreadsheet to help you figure out which one is best. Always keep the information on this site handy and always do your own research – we are sure you will be on your way to finding your new favourite sports betting site in no time!